Do you like sailing at sea, on lakes, rivers, rivers or canals? The best solution to take advantage of this passion is to buy a boat. Whether it is a second-hand boat, a motor or sailing boat, a small or large boat, buying a boat cannot be improvised. It is a life project whose realization obeys stages that should not be skipped. You will first need to take some time to think about your needs and the...


Generally, there is no shortage of advice when it comes to buying a boat. But what about when you want to sell it? Succeeding in a sale is not always easy, which is why we wanted to put ourselves in the shoes of a buyer… Because we tend to forget - and this is a truism - but a buyer has strong chances of one day selling his boat. How do you stack the odds on your side? Answers…1 - Have your boat...

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Boat rental with skipper is a service that is increasingly in demand with the rise of yachting and boat rental platforms. If the presence of a skipper on board is synonymous with safety and relaxation, we must not forget that the rental of a boat with skipper depends on several factors and is subject to strict regulations. To avoid unpleasant surprises during your cruise, it is important to be aware of...

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